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European Flyball Championships  /  28-30 July 2023  /  Tápiószentmárton

Competition begins

Payment deadline



Last changes











29.07.2023 - Saturday

Qualifying races and finals

in divisions

27.07.2023 - Thursday

Registration and Measurement
Opening ceremony

30.07.2023 - Sunday

Finals in divisions

Awarding ceremony

28.07.2023 - Friday

Qualifying races

31.07.2023 - Monday

Closing of the

accommodation area

We are happy to announce that the European Flyball Championships will be held in Hungary this year!


About Hungary

Located in central Europe, Hungary offers a wide range of unique destinations. Low  mountain ranges, lakes and rivers, plains and more are spread across the country, as are many small, quaint villages. With easy access to Europe due to its convenient location visitors to Hungary will enjoy the ability to experience a vivid culture that showcases its worthiness as one of the top 15 global destinations.

Hungary’s capital city of Budapest is considered one of Europe’s most enjoyable cities, featuring green parks, amazing museums and even a thriving nightlife scene. The country’s second largest city, Debrecen, offers a more cultural and ecclesiastical feel. A member of the Schengen Agreement, Hungary has no border controls between countries within the agreement. Access to the country is easy and convenient, with several international airports, train stations (Budapest is a hub for Central Europe), private car and bus. Domestic transport is also very convenient with train hubs, bus stations and private car being easily accessible.

Kincsem Lovaspark

Kincsem Lovaspark is located 60 kilometers from Budapest. The park, which is open all year round, awaits its private and corporate clients with a variety of services. The Lovaspark is a unique venue for meetings, trainings, conferences, training camps, trips, team buildings, etc. The Attila hill, which has become famous for its healing energy, is located in an area of approximately one thousand hectares belonging to the park. A total of 100 people can be accommodated at Kincsem Lovaspark's boarding house and guest houses.

Meet our judges of the European Flyball Championships 2023



Head judge of the tournament

Joe Lamont



Ross Payne



Jenny Knight

Others coming soon...

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